Seven Days of Radical Self-Care for Artists – January 2020

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Creativity is a radical act.

In a world where caring for oneself deeply is the most subversive thing we can do, taking care of the spark of the creative lands somewhere even more necessary, more urgent. The work that we do as artist relies on our creative health, and now, more than ever, our voice, (yes – your voice, too) needs to be heard.

It’s time to honor our wisdom and our well-being.

This free seven day email challenge is geared towards artists working in any media at any point in their career. It’s for anyone with creative tendencies wanting to grow into their voice or to get back to the basics.

It’s a series of seven short, 20-minute or less, exercises that you can incorporate into your own self-care practice. We’ll look at things a little differently, go a little deeper and give ourselves some grace for what we find. And then? We’ll use what we find to chart a path forward for you, starting from wherever you are.

This is what you can expect:

You don’t have even have to call yourself ‘an artist’ to be here – this is for anyone exploring their creative side. You’ll get seven days of introspective activities, radical-self care exercises and thought experiments, and a few key resources to spark a gentle shift into a new mindset around your work.  

Everyone is welcome, and there is no charge, however – space is limited, so sign up early!

We will look at these questions (and more) during the challenge:

  • Why do you make and how is caring for yourself deeply intertwined?
  • How do you unconsciously limit your calling to create?
  • How can you create rituals around the practice of art-making to enhance your work?

We’ll do a series of short thought experiments throughout the week, and I’ll give you a whole toolbox of practice to take from as you will.

Move beyond the muse

Artists struggle with a different sort of finding balance.

Navigating the creative path can go beyond minding the muse and waiting for inspiration to strike, and you have the power to propel your practice beyond the whims of the muse.

In this challenge, we’ll create experiments to nourish the imaginative processes and rituals to ignite new innovation in our work.

Refine your vision

The goals of this week-long program? There are many.

To bring radical clarity and confidence to the radical act of creativity, lay foundation for expanded artistic vision, and to align action, intention and resources to honor the distinctly internal and inherently personal drive to create.

Each day includes thought experiments, themes and exercises designed to bring a new sense of awareness to your practice.

Ignite your dreams

You’ll work through exercises to bring clarity to your art making practice, to build and innovate on your foundations and to inhabit a creative mindset that will ignite your will to expand into a sustainable, profitable and nourishing practice deeply rooted in caring first for yourself. The best part?

You’ll commit to yourself in a new way. You’ll begin to prioritize creating in your life, and these foundational exercises will occupy only a few minutes of your day.

Experience the profound changes that come with adding radical self-care to your creative practice.

Space is limited for the first round this special offering.

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