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Artist Statement

I make art to make sense of things.

I work in a variety of mediums, including painting in inks, encaustic, acrylic, oil and handmade pigments, etching, metalwork, fiber and recycled/found objects. I’m committed to exploring as many techniques and materials as needed for exploration and expression. I am not committed to a specific medium, as part of the my process is the exploration and combination of material at hand.

Part of my work is making sense of how different processes and combinations of materials and techniques merge to enhance or explore a theme or a question or to document a space, a moment in time, a memory or discovery.

My process is informed by a sense of reverence for the natural world. My paintings exaggerate scenes and patterns from nature. I work to explore both the visible world as well as inner landscapes, often at the same time. I use found, foraged and recycled materials when available to reduce the impact of my work on the environment.

My work with jewelry and metals is in part an effort to document and preserve the natural world, and part as wearable reminder of the experiences and spaces that create the same sense of reverence.

April Arotin, 2019