Artist & Creative Strategist

April Arotin

woman artist Artist April Arotin wearing all black stands next to a one of her paintings.




Artistic Vision & Strategic Clarity

Creative Strategy

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Advice for Overcoming Creative Drought

Hello April! Just wanted to put my 2 cents in bout your art. Flawless and very beautiful. It’s been awhile since I lost my ability to allow my creative side show. Seeing your creations gave me a little warmth under my ass. Not a fire but a smile on my face. Curious...

Five Essential Apps for Creative Business

Aside from the few favorites for connecting with your customers - like Instagram and Facebook Pages Manager, there are quite a few options to keep track of your efforts and expand them easily. I find apps useful only when they're for everyday things. I'm not a huge...

Rituals for Creative Clarity

So….rituals, huh?  You might be thinking that this sounds a little intense. Here’s the thing – we all have rituals, whether we call them that or not. They’re powerful tools to reset and reclaim our inner space, and if you’re not sure what yours are, that’s fine....

Electroforming Safety

Electroforming Safety

When I first started electroforming a few years back, my primary concern was safety. My train of thought went something like this: "What the heck is this stuff anyway? Its acid. Acid is dangerous. Add electricity and liquid and acid. Maybe this isn't such a great...


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