Contemporary Artist In Cleveland, Ohio

April Arotin

Artist, Philosopher, Marketer, Muse + More

I’m an artist: a painter and metalsmith minding the muse. I talk (and write) about art, creativity, innovation and the creative practice. By day, I’m a marketing strategist invested in building relationships, brands, and communities through innovation and creative action. 

what i offer


I offer custom original landscape paintings and botanical prints featuring intricate, bold and dark patterns derived from nature. Each painting evokes a facet of that shared sense of wonder and awe we find in connection to the natural world.

Creative Strategy

With a decade of experience as a marketing professional and digital storyteller, I offer brand visualization and development, as well as bespoke creative, campaign and brand strategy solutions grounded in creativity, innovation and in data for entrepreneurs and small businesses alike.


Since 2015, Sense + Reverence Jewelry has aligned the divine with nature in statement sculpted botanical preservation artifacts for every day wear.  Featuring found, foraged and hand fabricated elements, each piece is one of a kind and made by hand in my Cleveland, Ohio art studio.

more ways to connect

 With a few more ways to join the conversation, I’m happy to hold space and share the practice of art and and the processes in showing up for creative life.